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Real time APT images. - Images are received at my ground station directly from NOAA polar orbiting satellites and decoded with WXtoImg.

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Radar Weather Underground Radar. - For the Sterling and metropolitan area. Composite and Reflectivity are available with the use of filter controls.
temp1 Weather Underground. - US temperature chart 6 hour loop. Chart updated 4 times daily Click on your state for local weather station information.
loop Unisys Weather. - These images are generated by geostationary satellites orbitting 22,000 miles above the equator looking at the United States. These images updated once an hour at about 30 after the hour.
SS National Hurricane Center. - Super storm Sandy is no more and is one for the record books. Hurricane season ends November 30th.
SOHO Cam - *new* Live feed from our Roof Cam located at our studio. Click on the image to see a loop over the past 24 hours. Click here. to see a live feed.

SOHO - A great place to find out about space weather and its effects on our planet. Get up to date information on auroras, solar flares, and meteor showers. Click here to get the latest SDO images or here for data from SolarSoft
lightingf Real time lightning data updated every 30 seconds. Downlaod the app for iPhone and Ipad.

lighting About Earth's Weather. - Take a look in to the forces that affects and makes up earth's weather. Special thanks to Lisa Gardiner.
Tornado Tornado Chasers. - Weather related news pertaining to tornados as well as safety information on how to prepare for one in case one strikes in your area.

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Weather Science and Clock Kits

NOAA Daily Operational Image and Broadcast

GOES-12 GOES-12 GOES-12 GOES-13 Fulldisk and Conus images. Fulldisk updated every 3 hours conus images every 10 minutes. GOES Project Science click here
temp2 Real time US composite satellite image loop. - Updated every 10 minutes from the Space Science and Engineering Center
temp2 NOAA Sea Surface Temperature. - Daily sea surface temps from NOAA Polar spacecraft.
ice NOAA Polar Sea Ice. - Data provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Department of Atmospheric Science.
sbuv NOAA\NWS. - SBUV data providing instrument, ozone and other data information.
Radiofax NWS Radiofax Charts for the NW Atlantic. - The latest version of marine weather charts for broadcast by the NOAA's National Weather Service. Animated charts are available from the Air Resourses Laboratory.
NOAARadio Eumetcast of Metop-2 is provided by Eumetsat and is updated every 3 minutes. To access EPS flight IR 10.8 click here.
alert NOAA Weather Radio. - Broadcast live over the web. Catch weather warnings and severe weather alerts.

Operations information and Special Events
Noaawt Office of Satellite Operations Daily Satellite Status Report - On 03/21/2013 Following almost 11 years of service NOAA-17 (NOAA-M prior to launch) will be decommissioned. The final date will be determind after End Of Life testing is completed. NOAA-17 was launched on June 24, 2002. Thanks for all your years of service you will be missed.
Tracking Real Time Satellite Tracking - NOAA and other satelltes. Custom groups of satellites can be configured and tracked. Go to the main page to setup your location. Update 03/21/13: NOAA NPP has now been added.
Metop Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency - UPDATE 03/21/2013: EXA's NEE-01 PEGASUS is set to launch in 39 days. The NEE-01 PEGASUS is a nano satellite, of the cubesat 1U class, it has a cubic shape and two solar panel wings with 3 panels on each side for a total of 6 panels per wing, its dimensions are 10 by 10 by 75 centimeters. it has an on-board dual visible and infrared camera which will allow the spacecraft to take pictures and transmit live video from space.
NASA NASA Website - Update 03/21/2013: PASADENA, Calif. -- The Planck space mission has released the most accurate and detailed map ever made of the oldest light in the universe, revealing new information about its age, contents and origins. Click here for more information.
Meteor Photo of the Week - 03/21/2013: Spring Vernal Equinox as see from GOES-13. This is the first Fulldisk image captured from GOES-13 as the Sun makes its way over the equator. The vernal Equinox also means that there is equal sun light on each of the poles. if you have a great weather or nature photo please email it to and we will showcase it on our site.

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